Iyad El-Baghdadi and Ahmed Gatnash discuss all things related to authoritarianism and liberty in the Arab Tyrant Manual podcast.

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Episode 009 – The Catch-22 of Arab Economic Reform

In this conversation, Ahmed and Nasser discuss the Catch-22 of economic reform in the Arab World – the conflicting pressures on regional governments from established business interests and burgeoning youth populations create a true ‘rock and a hard place’ and allow us to understand much better the situation in Jordan, as well as the economic reforms in Saudi Arabia and possibly even predict what’s going to happen in other countries.


Episode 006 – The Arab World Won’t Fix Itself

A wide-ranging conversation in which Ahmed and Nasser, touching on American air strikes on Syria, coup-proofing, Syrian regime relations with Nazis, emergent models of digital surveillance in China and the gulf, the Arab league, the perks of allying with authoritarian regimes and the long-term prospects of the Arab world.


Episode 005 – Nonviolence

Iyad and Ahmed discuss nonviolent resistance to oppression – realistic mechanism of change or idealistic and ineffective? What is it, and how does it apply to different struggles today?


Episode 002 – Saudi Reforms (Part2)

In episode 2, Ahmed and Iyad continue the discussion on Saudi Arabia. Obama’s legacy, what’s behind it’s regional rivalry with Iran, and how can their historical differences tell us more about their wordviews. How can we fix the crises we’re in at the moment?