In solidarity with the people of Sudan

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Under the eyes of the world, a massacre is happening in Sudan. Regime military forces have moved in to break up multiple peaceful protests and sit-ins across the country with live ammunition and deadly force. At least 26 protesters have reportedly been killed so far, with hundreds injured, and mobile internet is being blocked in an attempt to reduce reporting and coordination of protesters.

Sudan’s military leadership visited Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt – its main backers- last week, and has consistently refused a civilian-led transition. Its actions now follow the same playbook set out in Bahrain and Egypt, with wildly disproportionate military force used to end protests calling for democratic transition. The failure of the international community to hold those aggressors accountable, and its persistence in selling them arms and legitimising them, has led to further crimes against civilians. This is a stain on the conscience of humanity.

We stand in solidarity with the people of Sudan, in their struggle for freedom, justice and dignity. This massacre will not stop those demands. Every journalist, analyst, politician, and awakened citizen in the world must keep their eyes on Sudan, voice their outrage and demand accountability.

For a background to the events, read What’s Happening in Sudan? Explaining the Last Two Months. You can find a regularly updated timeline of the events, visit Sudanese Revolution Coverage.