August 18, 2019

Controversies arise over FFC sovereign council nominees

Taha Usman turns down sovereign council nomination

Taha Usman turns down his sovereign council nomination, saying that he is committed to staying true to the SPA’s promise that it would not take part in the transitional government.

Unions within the SPA reject SPA sovereign council nominee

In response to the nomination of Taha Usman, a member of the SPA, four unions within the SPA condemn the nomination and demand that the organization abide by its previous promises not to take part in the transitional government.

Reported FFC sovereign council nominees spark anti-SPA protests

Revolutionaries protest in front of SPA HQ after FFC sources report that a member of the Baath Party, a member of the Umma Party, and a member of the SPA will be nominated for the sovereign council despite prior promises by the SPA and the FFC that neither the SPA nor any members of political parties would hold positions in the sovereign council.

Sudanese Women's Union protests FFC sovereign council picks

The Sudanese Women’s Union protests the FFC’s sovereign council nominees, demanding equal representation in all levels of governance and stating that the FFC failed to consult women while making its list of nominees.

Source: Radio Dabanga