Month: June 2019

Evo Morales and the Authoritarian Betrayal of Democracy

Despite coming to power thanks to the indigenous rights movement, Morales’ administration has been eroding democratic infrastructure and cracking down on protesters.

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What’s Happening in Sudan? Explaining the Last Two Months

On April 11th, the Sudanese people were ecstatic. Five days earlier,  a massive protest organized by the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) culminated in a sit-in before the Sudanese military’s headquarters in Khartoum. Now Sudanese television and radio played military music and announced that the military would release an important statement “shortly.” This signalled to the…

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In solidarity with the people of Sudan

Under the eyes of the world, a massacre is happening in Sudan. Regime military forces have moved in to break up multiple peaceful protests and sit-ins across the country with live ammunition and deadly force. At least 26 protesters have reportedly been killed so far, with hundreds injured, and mobile internet is being blocked in…

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